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SantaCon NYC | One of NYC’s Most Coveted Bar Crawls

This was my first SantaCon, and it was a perfect snow-free day. Last year during this time I was sitting in City Bakery sipping one of their famous hot cocoas (with the giant marshmallow) while the snow poured down. It was a slushy mess out there and I was not having any Fomo.

FIRST RULE: Do not get roped into buying a ticket to anything. They are all scams! Multiple websites will claim to be the “Official website of SantaCon“, but you really do not need them because access to bars is not limited to a ticket or a blinking necklace, everyone waits in line and is not denied access – unless you are not 21 or have a terribly fake ID. Guilttyyyy of buying this ticket.

We started off in Madison Square Garden where there was a scheduled group photo. This was an amazing moment walking up to the venue and seeing a mass crowd of various costumes. Some people went all out and even decorated a cardboard box to make themselves look like a present, there were giant blow-up figures on sticks, balloon hats, and even men dressed as Mrs. Claus. We learned a second rule here as well: do not walk out of the inside venue with a glass cup or they will try and throw you out. Two of my friends had to sneak back in after this, whoopsies. Best of all there were Gia, Pia, Mia, etc, etc- the dressed-up mini Yorkie dogs that make an appearance at various events around Manhattan. I had previously seen them at the Legally Blonde Brunch at 5th & Mad, as well as the Bryant Park Holiday Shops.

Gia, Pia, Mia, I forget the other names

Overall, the rest of the day was a blur, but a fun blur at that. Third Rule: As most day drinking days go, a good rule of thumb is to take Instaworthy images during the pregame, otherwise you will end up with a handful of images with strangers in the background and your eyes half open. We went to a friend’s rooftop at The Abington House to take photos which turned out fabulously.

My Santa Look:

Oh yes, this look was not just pulled together overnight. The Mean Girls inspired dress I actually already had from college and brought it with me during the move. Same scenario with the candy cane tights. Any costume shop will have similar items! The dress coat was from a sample sale from Ann Taylor where I was working at the time – amazing $1.00 find. The Santa purse was from Poshmark, I also came across a handful of Betsey Johnson Mrs.Clause bags when searching for a bag. Because it was still pretty chilly I also added a red turtleneck, red faux-fur socks, and mittens. Dollar Tree is where I got the Santa headband, dollar stores will always have amazing holiday stuff that you won’t feel guilty about loosing or destroying.

If dressing up is not for you, just throw on a festive hat or some red ribbon and call it a day! I would highly suggest seeing if your city has a SantaCon.

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