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Ipsy Generation Beauty

Ipsy Generation Beauty is put on by none other than Ipsy. I first became familiar with Ipsy when I joined their monthly subscription Glam Bag. The Generation Beauty event takes place in Javits Center which is a very, very, spacious event center.

A little about the Ipsy founder: Michelle Phan. She was a Youtube beauty blogger. Marcelo Camberos and Jennifer Goldfarb also helped create the entity. What now seems so obvious in the beauty that did not always exist was the “Creator Movement.” Beauty was not always attainable to everyone, a big factor in the exclusion was price. Ipsy really brought forth attainability and accessibility in the beauty industry. Whether you were someone with 10 followers, 50K, or millions, there was no longer someone telling you that you couldn’t express your love for creating with make-up. There also is no longer one way to define beauty, the world is your oyster.

What does your ticket include? Your ticket includes admission to both days of the event and a goodie bag worth over $300+ in awesome beauty products by participating brands!

Your ticket also includes access to brand booths at the event, Creator MeetUps and any activities happening throughout the day on the event floor. We highly encourage you to come both days and we recommend prioritizing your favorite brands or MeetUps while at the event. Experiencing each brand booth, meeting any specific appearing Creator, participating in all activities, or receiving the product from every brand booth is not guaranteed.

If you have a favorite beauty creator from YouTube or Instagram and they are attending this event…. it is basically like Christmas morning. Various influence levels of beauty creators are roaming the floor. Some may be featured at brand booths and or host their own meetup where you are free to ask them whatever your beauty brain desires.

My first year working the Ipsy Generation Beauty I got the DREAM position for volunteers with pure luck. Everyone got to the Javits Center and sat at a random table in our designated room. I did not have a friend there with me, so I just took the closest open seat. The directors would take away tables of volunteers one by one, and eventually, there was just myself and three other girls left. They could tell we were not Youtube beauty freaks so they allowed us to work in the Green Room. What is the Green Room? The room was a place for all of the major creators to hangout between appearances. We were in there to assist with anything that the creators needed, essentially their personal assistants. Some of the major names that I was amongst included: @Nikkietutorials, @christendominique, @makeupbymario, @clawdeena9official (who I got to walk the floor with and escort his Mom around).

Here is my post regarding 2017: HERE

This year my role was not as exciting, I was working the gift bag booth. The upside to this was that I did not have to stand with a scanner at a booth in the main event room for eight hours bored out of my mind. The gift bag booth was an area where we could all hang out during periods of time where there was no one to help. Best of all, we all got gift bags! The year prior every volunteer got a gift bag, but this year that was not the case. I do not know if it was related to the fact that this year we were paid, and the year prior we were not, but no guaranteed gift bag or lunch for everyone! Perks of working the stand was knowing how many extras there were, and the managers giving us a bag on the last day. They even stuffed the bag with extras for us.

I was featured in the overall video for the weekend!

During one shift swap, I was the designated photographer for girls wanting to take their picture with the boy band: In Real Life. I had never heard of them, but girls were going crazy and had even had personalized gift cards and gift bags for each of the boys. They were all really good looking, I will give them that. I also witnessed other booths throwing free product that people would honestly probably never use in their entire lives, yet they were lunging for the product as if there were diamonds being thrown into the air.

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