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It was a chilly and windy September morning. I was running behind schedule and in 4-inch heels, AKA was not about to go walk 10 minutes to the subway. I decided to take an Uber, which of course took a wrong, which resulted in deadlock traffic. I was becoming so anxious, the doors were about to close, and my friends were already nearing the front of the line. With minutes to spare, I jumped out of the Uber and scurried as fast as could in those heels. Scouring the line, I walked up to the doors and made it just in the knock-of-time.

Walking in there is the gorgeous Pier 59 Studios Star imprinted into the floor. Pier 59 Studios is an iconic studio in NYC. It holds various events from something for your corporate office to anything private or fashion related. From a cute cabana seating area, a cafe, and a deck overlooking the city, there are the perfect amenities to keep you occupied and blog ready between shows. The day ended up brightening up, and we were able to hang out on the deck with some champagne and some perfect picture taking weather.

Outfit envy is everywhere once you step into any Fashion Week venue. Everyone puts thought into their outfits (and even their pets), but a blogger can never stop piecing together new looks through inspiration around us. One of my favorite looks was a girl in all orange. She also had on a zipper-front baggy cargo pantsuit, bright orange booties, and skinny orange glasses to match.

We were able to sit front row for the first set of shows. This view allowed us to have an unobstructed view of all of the garments walking by. Caroline Perino, Caroline Smouse, Atalanka, C’EST D., Viktoria Tisza, were the collections that we previewed. Viktoria Tisza was one of my favorite collections because it defied all norms of typical fabrics. Each model strutted down the runway with silicone latex fabric in yellows and whites. Depending on the shape of the garment it would either outline the model’s body perfectly (nipple bearing and all), or bounced up and down with every step. Caroline Smouse incorporated knitted and crocheted ensembles, that also bared all with confidence. Caroline Perino incorporated men’s and women’s looks with a futuristic feel.

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