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The Mets: Fashionably Comfortable & Team Supportive


Although it is a sporting event, there is always a way to add a little splash of fashion to the look. Whether you are attending a 35-degree football game or a 75-degree baseball game, there are looks on looks, on looks!

Biker shorts are all over Instagram, so I decided this would be the perfect bottom of my sporty-chic look. Weirdly enough, going throughout Soho biker shorts was not an easy thing to find. From Forever 21, H&M, Bershka, Zara, even the underwear section of various retailers, they were nowhere to be found. But low and behold, Amazon saved the day again with a decent variety of biker shorts on Amazon Prime. They were labeled as smooth slip short for $8.50. These shorts were so smooth, it was a comfort plus choice.

For the top, I did not want to buy an NY Mets shirt because I would most likely only wear it once. I ended up buying a generic baseball striped jersey button down shirt off of Amazon as well. Shop the shirt here. I figured with this, it would be worth the $20.00 because I could wear it to any baseball function in any state. Millennials need to get out of the habit of buying something and then never wanting to wear it again because you have photos in it. Even with the abundance of selling apps, it is not easy to get a consistent cash flow as trying to sell can take months. For shoes, I just threw on some sock booties and tall black socks.

This was my first Mets game. I loved how large the stadium was. Although we were pretty far back, we were still able to get a good view of the field.

Food: You cannot go wrong with the nachos in a hat and the Moscow Mule.

*The tickets are not electronic! We had the issue of leaving some on the table, thinking we could just scan it on our phones. This created a little bit of an issue as you need the paper version for this stadium.

Ticket Hack: See if your work gives out any discounted tickets. Corporate companies can provide sites with tickets as cheap as $5.00 a person.

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