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Finding time to workout is always a commitment to our busy schedules. Sometimes that commitment does not leave time to travel to a gym. Fitplan solves the issue of transportation as it is an App. You can pull this up on your phone, Ipad, Smart TV, or just write out your workout plan. There are multiple plans so you can commit as little as weekly, up to quarterly, or yearly. Use code: BEAT50 to get a FREE 30-day trial.

It’s been 4 weeks of personal training and I have learned SO MUCH. Having someone on the spot correct your form is a game changer- which you can’t get with social media videos. I write down notes after every workout and review during. This is crucial to writing down what you have been doing in order to show yourself not only what you have achieved, but also to show consistency. When you hold yourself accountable and give yourself a physical representation of all of your hard work I find that so motivating. I’ve also been increasing my protein with 12 boiled eggs a week. If you don’t fuel before a workout what’s the point? Muscle = Metabolism. I used to workout to burn calories, but now it’s to gain strength 💪🏻

Check out a list of trainers: HERE. You can choose between 30 various male and female trainers with a handful of different training styles.

White Leggings: Joylab from TargetJoylab from Target

Sports Bra: Alala.  I got this one in particular from one of their Sample Sales


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