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High School Reunion: 5 Years


Receiving the invite to my five year High School reunion made me feel old. When I told people this, most of them laugh it off and say oh you are so young…. I still feel old at 23. Now with social media, our high school reunions are totally different than how our parents reunions were. How so? You can search just about everybody on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Some people you might even follow daily and look at their stories, so it does not even feel like they are far. Whereas our parents had to just bring up common topics, we can decide what to bring up, or not to bring up to avoid any unwanted conversations. I graduated with a large class at Minnetonka High School in Minnesota. There were around 750 of us graduating in blue and white in 2013. A handful of my friends in New York knew that would not ever have a reunion due to their school being small, and or the Student Government members are not the type of people to put forth the effort of putting the reunion together.

I’ll never forget my Mom telling me that at one of her reunions that she honestly had no idea who she was talking to (everyone did not have a nametag on). Their face and body had changed drastically, but their voice was somewhat ringing a bell in her mind. I am very happy that I did not have to experience this as everyone I saw either looked the same, or I knew any physical changes from photos. She also told me that one of the “nerdy” boys walked in with a sports car and a hot younger woman on his arm. I can’t say that happened to me, but I can say that I was surprised to know that were a few parents amongst my graduating class now.

This reunion was something that I was looking forward to considering that I now live about 1,200 miles away from home. Any reason to see my family and old friends is a great one. A handful of my friends have moved across the United States, but a majority didn’t move too far such as Wisconsin. One of my good friends that now also lives in NYC was not able to make it anymore to the reunion, so thank goodness I knew that two of my other friends were still coming from WI and AZ. (Or else I would really have to rev up the small talk).

Overall it was a great night at Lord Fletchers, with drinks, a raffle, and familiar faces. I even won two things in the raffle!


My look:

I am wearing a plaid crop top and matching skirt with button details from Bershaka. My Necklace also has 14K gold charms from Jet Set Candy. It is the perfect personalized necklace in my mind as it has an MSP and JFK luggage tag for my two airports, and then the Chrysler Building in the middle that holds the key to New York City.

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