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The Rosé Mansion

The Rosé Mansion NYC!

Do you love rosé? Do you love the color pink? Can get yourself to New York by the end of October? Then you are in luck!

This “Mansion” per say, has been open since July, and will not be closing until October! The Rosé Mansion opens up 13 different rooms with creative twists. Each room consists of an amazing Instagram opportunity, and of course, a tasting of Rosé. This experience submerses you with the smell of roses. (I even purchased some rose room spray after this because I just couldn’t get enough).


Is it worth the ticket price? All of the samples together of  Rosé by the end of the Mansion tour is supposed to be equivalent to about two glasses of wine. You are also given a wine glass with the Rosé Mansion logo on it after walking into the first room, and a cute pin. This wine glass is amazing because it even has a thumb hole on it so that you can keep it from ever falling out of your hand. If you lose your cup, there will be no more Rosè tastings for you. So hold on tight!

Upon walking into each room in this mansion, your eyes will start to wander. The wheels in your brain will start to turn. The wheels are turning in regards to envisioning and curating your Instagram feed by thinking of an alluring pose with each spectacular room. Not only are the rooms insta-worthy, they are also educating you on different types of Rosè’s and their histories. A fun fact about Rosé that I learned at The Rosé Mansion is that it gets its pink color from the amount of time that the skin of the red grape touches the wine during the fermenting process. It touches for a shorter amount of time, hence the pinker tone.

So if you are a Rosè kinda girl or guy I would highly recommend coming in a cute outfit and snap some pics around the mansion!

My Look: Initially I thought that I needed to wear pink to be in sync with the pop up’s theme, but decided to add a pop of color instead.

I actually cut this silk top from Zara to make it into a crop top, and then just tied it. I did this because I got this top from a sample sale, and it was a little on the larger side. This skirt initially to me in the store looked a little more on the edgy side with the buckles, but when pieced with more feminine things I had a whole new perspective on this skirt. The heels are very tall, but who doesn’t love a good heel that spices up a look?

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