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You had me at Brunch… NYC Brunch Squad

You had me at Brunch… #NYCBRUNCHSQUAD


Brunching in NYC could honestly be a full time job. People underestimate how much work goes into brunching. A big thing is just gearing up to wait in line for hot spots that do not take reservations! (Especially in the summer heat..ick flashbacks to sweat running down everything in Canal Street Station). Aside from picking out a cute outfit, there is also coordinating plans, and making sure everyone gets to the location on time so that the whole party can finally be seated. No Ifs ands or Buts, just do not be the late friend.


“NYC Brunch Squad” is well, exactly as it sounds! Through the app muses, I was connected with this Squad. The admin approves your membership, and from there you are then invited to a brunch every weekend! I typically am the person that cannot go anywhere alone, but went by myself to branch out. It even started pouring rain this Sunday, but I still ventured out. Upon arrival we all had our own personalized name cards with an adorable trendy palm background.

*Disclaimer: You do not need to be a blogger to attend! The brunch that I went to was actually 80% non-bloggers. One girl had just moved here from Australia, another girl had also just moved here from Los Angeles and her roommate has even been featured in the Bravo show Million Dollar Listing New York a few times (which I love!).

Contact NYC Brunch Squad on Facebook: HERE 

Contact NYC Brunch Squad on Instagram: HERE


Our Brunch Session: Was at P.S. Kitchen 

Believe it or not, P.S. Kitchen which is located on W 48th Street, DONATES ALL OF ITS MONEY! (Photo Courtesy of P.S. Kitchen’s website). This photo shows how each purchase helps out local and international charities, socially conscious businesses, as well as the film industry.

The food is all plant based, so do not even worry about the calories. I got the P.S. Kitchen Breakfast, which was a good mix of everything. My cocktail even had some cute gold glitter stars in it.



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