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Nov 2023
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Marquee + Lil Jon + Beautiful Birthday | What to Wear NYC Clubs

Marquee NYC With Special Guest: Lil Jon




Marquee’s halls and dance floors have been graced by countless celebrities and socialites over the years. David Guetta has even DJ’d a live set here. From Rihanna, DJ Khalid, Paris Hilton, and Heidi Klum’s infamous  Halloween Party.

Starting off the night: Why yes, it was somewhat uncomfortable sporting this outfit on the subway– discomfort from the number of staring eyes diverting my way. This high slit skirt is from Boohoo.com, and the original bandeau that came with it was just showing way too much. Make-shift change: I People don’t wear an ensemble like this just any day on the trains. (But trust me, just one trip to NYC and you won’t have to stay on the train long to see some unique wardrobes). But this is the city that embraces everyone, so there is no need to ever feel out of place when it comes to your wardrobe.

Pre-Marquee we went to the Birthday Girl’s apartment building Abington House in Chelsea. These apartments are beyond stunning. Something that you just need to see for yourself to truly take in the real estate. The rooms have been designed by Jonathan Adler, there are spectacular views out of every window, there is your own personal Equinox gym downstairs, and handprint security allow you to go from room to room to name just a few amenities.

Lil Jon: After hearing that he was the guest of honor I had to think for a second as to what his latest song was. Turn Down for What, Snap Yo Fingers (a good oldie) and he was recently in Alive (with Offset & 2 Chainz). Lil Jon is FORTY SEVEN and still going strong. It is Crazy to think that he was born in 1971 right? How his liver has survived? I shall never know. Other rappers that are still on the scene and producing…some more than others include Snoop Dog 46, Jay-Z 48, Dr. Dre 53, Ice-Cube 49, and Master P 48. AKA, the rap game is not slowing down anytime soon.

Marquee: Upon entering, you will see amazing light fixtures, dancers, and a playlist that will not disappoint. Curious to see for yourself, the photo gallery is here. You will then be escorted to your booth if you have paid for, or been given bottle service by a promoter. The night from then on will be stress free with everything you may need right in front of you, nicely chilled on ice.

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