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I will Take Care of You: Fighting Global Pollution with Francy Scaltritti



Instagram is an amazing platform because it connects people from all over the world. Through a networking app for bloggers I came across Francy who actually lives in the UK. She has traveled to amazing vacation spots. Although they may be vacation spots to us, they are homes to others. Global pollution is slowly eroding these beautiful things away. Francy has created “I will Take Care of You.” This website donates proceeds to various organizations that work to preserve mother nature. Her Instagram Page is @Iwilltakecareofyou_official


If you are interested in helping spread the word, you can become an ambassador! Even if you are not near an ocean, think of all of the lakes, ponds, and smaller organisms that are effected by pollution, chemicals, and garbage getting into the water. Some retailers have been cutting back on straws to start saving the ocean. A great way to help save the planet one pieces of plastic at a time is to order stainless steel straws and bring them with you to wherever you may buy or make coffee, or any other beverage. Bringing along any washable material when it comes to silverware is also an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. Although it may seem like an extra chore now, it will become and easy habit in no time. I do not spend much time on the ocean, but I do on lakes when I am home in Minnesota. Just imagine your favorite water spot wherever it may be in the world, and then the counter of this disappearing. Here I am on the lake, picture your favorite water spot, or even your favorite place where nature is currently flourishing. If you want to help preserve this, you can purchase a t-shirt or tote bag to help organizations combat human pollution and keep things beautiful shades of blue and green.



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