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The William Vale Hotel

The William Vale Hotel


If you find yourself in Brooklyn with friends that never ever go to Brooklyn, I would suggest the William Vale Hotel. After living in Brooklyn for a year and then moving to Astoria, I see why all of my friends that live on the Upper East Side or other parts of Manhattan hate to venture to Brooklyn. It takes an hour (at least) of travel time, and weekend service is always hell with construction and delays.

We were in Brooklyn for a friend of friend’s birthday gathering in the park….and of course we get there late. After being at the park for under an hour, everyone started to leave. After the venture to Brooklyn we thought we needed to stay in the area considering how long it took us to get there. This hotel wasn’t too far from us, and it sounded perfect to continue some casual day drinking.

The William Vale Hotel is located at: 111 N 12th Street, Brooklyn

We had to wait in line for 30 minutes, but they did have a little liquor stand nearby with drink for purchase. This was very necessary as we were sweating like pigs. There were two different rooftop floors. For a $20.00 ticket you are able to skip the line and redeem a free drink.

Once you arrive, the roof is a grassy flamingo oasis. With amazing views, giant games such as connect four, (literally giant versions), couches, and this cute uniformed girl that walks around with food, it has everything you would ever need. This was during my pre-gluten free days being able to purchase a giant pretzel… highly recommend!


My look:

This look I actually purchased in less than 10 minutes in Forever 21. It was one of those nights where we were pressed for time to change and go out, but then ended up not having the energy to go out. Although it was a hodgepodge of a look from grabbing the nearest items in sight at Forever 21, it worked perfectly for this toasty summer day. The tiny blue frames I got from a street vendor for $5.00.

Bby Girl Bandeau:

Ruffle Overall Plaid Mini Dress:


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