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Isle of Paradise: Water Makes you Tan?

Isle of Paradise: Water Makes you Tan?


If you want to go from being a piece of “white bread” to a piece of “wheat toast” just start sprtizing yourself with Isle of Paradise. Why am I comparing skin tones to bread?

The moment I posted a photo of myself after using Isle of Paradise for a week, my younger sister immediately texted me saying: “Megan, you look like a piece of toast delete that photo.” I immediately couldn’t stop laughing. She’s only 16 so I ignored her comment and carried on with my night.

Why does my face look so pale? Don’t judge. I used my darkest shade of foundation that I had, and even put on bronzer! But even this make up could not measure up to the level of tan that Isle of Paradise left me with! (I did not want to spray the tanning water on my face because my skin is very oily and acne prone. But the product is perfectly safe to use out on your face!). I was just as pale as Liz in the green dress before using this.

How does it work? You literally just spray this water on you! And no worries, it smells AMAZING! Like a fresh flowery scent. Because we all know that Jergans Natural Glow lotion smell- girl you ain’t fooling anyone l. I recommend also getting a tanning mit. Without it there is no saving your hands from turning a funny color (even if you do wash them immediately after putting the spray on).


1. Spray the product close to you your body

2. Immediately dab with the tanning mitt to spread evenly. If you do not do this you will have streak lines that are very hard to even out (trust me from experience)

3. Let it dry fully. I recommend choosing a time of day where it is acceptable to walk around the house in a bra and Bandeau so it can soak in. If you are crunched for time, try and stand in front of a rotating fan

4. Give it a few days and… poof! Goes the sad pale body you currently have. You will easily be able to say hello tan! In just a few days. I used the light spray, but depending on your natural color or current state of tan you can choose the right shade for you

5. Removal: You can just have it naturally fade off overtime if you wish. But, it does fade off in weird patches. I recommend getting their tan removal spray. It works like a charm! ( and the NY locations close to me were sadly sold out when I really needed it! grrr)

Overall: this is the easiest way to tan and I’m never going back to lotions!

My Look: This was one of those outfits that I pieced together with random items in my closet, and ended up loving it! Bodysuit is from the Victoria’s Secret outlet, paired with a bandeau I got from SHEIN for $5.00. The pants are BCBG, my “interview pants”, and then the sock booties are from Target.

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