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A little bit of Crocs Never Hurt Nobody

For a majority of people who consider themselves “fashionistas” Crocs are not ever part of their daily fashion equation when contemplating what they are going to wear. Why is this? Well, the shoes are made out of rubber, they have various holes, and are somewhat clunky. Personally, I would avoid them at all costs in a big dirty city like New York. I am not really even a fan of open toed shoes here due to all of the grime. You are just asking your feet to become speckled with dirt amongst all of the little holes on the top of the shoe, and with the exposed heel in the back. Ew.


Good news for non Croc lovers, they have recently closed two of their manufacturing plants. One in Mexico and one in Italy. According to a USA Today article. They are looking to “right-size” their business as they have seen a downfall in sales these past few years. Crocs went a little over their head when it came to how many different designs they thought that consumers may want. In reality, now they are stuck with hundreds to thousands of extra rubber shoes.

With all their criticism, I must say that you cannot go wrong with wearing these shoes at the lake or beach. They are perfect to keep your feet protected from sharp objects, but also let them breath and feel the water at the same time. My college University of Minnesota Twin Cities, would wear these all the time for football games, can you imagine that?

My Suit: Is from SHEIN. They have so many cute suits that are dirt cheap! I’ve been seeing various fruits on clothing items, and fell in love with these lemons.

Shop Lemon Swimsuits and Crocs: Classic Croc Here 


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