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Crowns By Christy & Her Style Media

Her Style Media: Create & Chill Event


Her Style Media was founded by Britney Nicole. She is a female entrepreneur, living by the “Hustler in Heels” montra. I first came across Her Style Media on Instagram. Her Style Media has a little bit of everything that interests anyone in fashion and business. WWW.HerStyleMedia.com, check it out to find your favorite feature of the website, upcoming events, and merchandise. Britney also works on the Podcast #TheFemaleMillenial podcast on I-tunes. (I LOVE to listen to podcasts on the train, highly recommend!– Favorite one podcast in The Morning Toast). The Shepreneur, was promoting a collaborative event with another fellow NYC entrepreneur Christy Doramus. With affordable tickets, I decided to support fellow girl bosses and go! Although a friend of mine could no longer go, I did not want to miss the opportunity to network and went alone. Although it is never easy going places alone, I encourage everyone to do this at least once a month. Get outside of your bubble and start to network!

Located in Noho, Christy’s creative studio for her business ‘Crowns by Christy’ is every Instagram girl’s dream. The place is a mixture of pinks, golds, florals, fluffy pillows, and pineapples. Might I add there was even a professional selfie light ring. The night started with cupcakes, wine, photos, and chit chat.

Once everyone had arrived we all sat down in another adorably decorated room. Britney was the moderator for the talk with Christy. She started by asking how Christy got to where she is today as a successful entrepreneur.

Crowns by Chrissy was started by Christy Doramus: But this was not something that just fell together overnight, or was even intentionally sought out as a business initially. 


Link Above to Shop the Crowns!

Christy started off in PR, working long days (and nights) as Managers in PR start to question if you have enough work when you are ready to head out of the office around 8:00-9:00pm. She was learning a lot with this job, but also had a passion to create her own business. With a passion for flowers, she started to create flower crowns and market them to just about anyone or any business that had a purpose for them. She told us that “No idea is a bad idea if you are passionate about it” which I 100% respect as Christy was promoting her business BEFORE Instagram. Therefore it was just her website, and emailing out to people to try and spread the world and make a sale.

Starting a business always comes with a few ups and downs before the ship starts to sail smoothly. One of her heart wrenching moments was the day she received a cease and desist letter from a woman in England — stating that this woman in England already owned a business with a very similar name to Christy’s business. Another learning moment was learning to list her business as an LLC, and how to do taxes for it. Do all of the research that you need to do and make a list of what needs to be prioritized before starting a business, because it can legally end very quickly if you do not.

Her Best Piece of Advice: Be Nice to Everyone! 

While this piece of advice seems a little too simple, New York is a huge bustling city and the creative world becomes very small, very quickly. The same handful of people working in this industry + friends of friends, co-workers, and plus-ones, attend the same events time after time. This group of people also may know of someone working at another company that you are reaching out to. Even if some things do not go your way, be careful as to how you word everything. You never know how someone may be able to help or hurt you in the future through the numerous winding connections in not only NYC, but all over the connected world of social media today. This also goes the same way for people who are working under you. Christy noted that after she had left her day job to pursue her own PR Creative Studio – CMD Creative, that a handful of collaboration opportunities came from her past interns.

Her events have grown substantially. The very beginning started with an Old Navy partnership (which is a large company to land that early on!), to now working with large brands such as Kendra Scott and Drew Barrymore. Christy went through a period of time came when flower crowns were no longer the accessory that girls were purchasing left and right. She beat the odds of going under or having to re-invent the brand by adding more to the brand’s resume. She expanded from just flower crowns to flower walls and installations.



Best Piece of Advice: If someone starts a sentence off with “This would be really great for you…” the end task most likely is not something with your best interest in mind, but instead their own.


After the Q&A we all had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our passion or business of our own. Some girl bosses that I met: 

Britney Winbush: @Vougebritt – She has her own business of combining a candle, tea, and a playlist curated to the vibe chosen

Britney Nicole: @beelievedahype – Founder of Her Style Media

Sarah Rosen: @Simply.Rosey – Has her own Fashion Blog

Liv for style: @livforstyle – Has her own Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

Gabriela Casella: @gabrielacasella – Has her own Fashion Blog

Valentina Nazareth: @sunflowervalentine – Has her own Personal Blog

Lauren: @Lifestylesbylauren – Has her own Blog and is spending time this summer in Europe






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