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Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is not just your ordinary beauty brand. Some people may call it a “cult beauty brand” due to the constant praise across all social media platforms. It started in 2009, and has immense success ever since. How? The unique use of acids helped the brand stand out from others.

What is the most important thing you can do if they want great skin?
A: Exfoliate! Even the most expensive products will do nothing if the dead skin is not removed.


Complete with a “Sunday’s Playground”, a mini boxing pen for your own dancing music video, a foundation vending machine, free product and refreshment tables, a giant slide with a ball pit, a bathroom complete with a claw foot tub and bubbles, a confetti booth, pink bubble wrap hall, and a room with glowing drop down lights, you could say it was beauty heaven.

The event was promoted by multiple social media platforms, and there were over 3,000 RSVPs. In other words, the line outside the door was INSANE. We had stopped to get a glass of wine around the corner worrying that we would be too early…. but we really should have gone to see how the line was in the first place. Overall coming late ended up working in our favor because we were told to go to a second line in the front if we had tickets. The doorman told us that there were not separate lines, that we had to go to the back, but none of us moved. We all just kind of scooted toward the door, and no one said anything so we got right in!

The pop up was crowded, but a true hour of beauty and social media heaven.


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