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Silver Hair Don’t Care

Across Instagram I had been intrigued by numerous posts with girls that has silvery white hair. Who started this trend? Honestly I have no idea. Nor do I have a clue how to track down the first photo or most accurate article with over 22 million results showing for “Who started the silver hair trend?” search. Countless celebs have fully embraced this look. Kim K might have been the first one I personally saw with it.

Image result for kim kardashian silver hair

Courtesy of Getty Images,

With my hair already having bleach blonde/platinum tones, I knew I could easily get to this silver color. After going into the salon to get a consultation for touching up my roots, I also inquired on how to get that silver look.

There are various ways to achieve the silver:
  1. Step one will always be bleaching. Depending on your hair type, bleaching may take more than one session.
  2. You can either commit or slightly commit.
  3. To commit: Ask your hair dresser to whip out that silver dye.
  4. To slightly commit: Hair dye based shampoo! I used the brand: VIRAL Hybrid with Bond Fix by Celeb Luxury – The instructions entail evenly putting the shampoo in and letting it sit in your hair for the allotted amount according to how deep you want the color to be. I just put some in while showering as normal shampoo, that is why it turned out a little more patchy with blue tones

I chose to slightly commit just incase I didn’t want everyday to be a silver hair day depending on my outfit. I also was slightly terrified of my hair turning straight up grey- and embodying more of an aging woman with greying/white hair vs. a trending instagram user.

If you are also iffy about wether it would compliment your skin tone or not, I would not worry. On google images you can find various skin tones with this hair type, and everyone is pulling it off.





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