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Nov 2023
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Eggcellent | The Egg House NYC


Last one in is a rotten egg!

Check them out: https://www.instagram.com/theegghouse/

I am very much so an egg fan. I’ll take my eggs Any style, just no Sriracha. When I found out that there would be an egg inspired pop up, I bought a ticket right away. The Egg House was held in Bowery. I am always amazed at what different companies aspire to design for these small spaces, and time after time the execution is perfect.

The room was of course yellow and white, with pops of green and blue. The main entrance photo-op included some cactuses which I didn’t exactly understand. A desert with egg cloud balloons? Or just a trendy figurine? Either way it worked. To the left of this was egg merchandise. Egg pillows with arms and legs gave me a chuckle (and also creeped me out a little). The main attraction was the giant egg carton with removable eggs. Although it seems easy enough to just sit in the carton and pretend to be an egg or praise the eggs by raising them up in the air, we honestly looked so awkward in there. A round of applause to anyone who made this look cute on Instagram.

My favorite part: the ball pit. This is what i believe intrigued families to bring their kids in. I was so surprised to see so many toddlers in this pop up! Or maybe kids just really enjoy eggs these days? Either way laying in a pool of yellow and white balls with egg characters and beach balls was a great 30 seconds vacation feeling of relaxation. (Then back to reality of the hurdle of people waiting in line to get their own photo).

There was a room that was set up to look like a deserted bedroom. It was dark and creepy honestly my thoughts were “Did the budget get cut?” There wasn’t even an egg in room! Just a giant white ball laying on the bed with rectangular eyes that reminded me of a Mario Brothers character more than anything.


Downstairs there was an egg swing with yellow balloons along the wall. It was pitch black darkness down there aside from a greenish spotlight. I loved this! It was just really hard to get a good photo with the lighting.

Overall this place was an egg lovers dream. It wasn’t worth $17.00 in my eyes. You would have had to have taken a whole platter of free mini egg bakes home to make it worth even $5.00. But sometimes you’ve just gotta do it for the Instagram.


I wanted to incorporate at least a pop of the egg color palette into my wardrobe for the day. I threw on a yellow fur jacket over a shimmery blue top shop dress with tights and black boots.


Don’t yolk with me
You’re poaching my best yolks
Happy Fry-day!
Stay on the sunny side up
That’s cracking
Let’s hatch a plan
Omelettin’ this slide
Shell shock
You’re such a rotten egg
I’m scrambled
I might whisk it!
You’re so hard boiled
Are you egg-noring me? Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes?

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