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A Pop of a Red with H&M (And their $4.3 billion in unsold Inventory).


A pop of color is everything. Fashion has seen pops of color throughout the year in fur jackets, bags, tennis shoes, jumpsuits, and the latest… colored denim.

Although the weather in NY hasn’t exactly allowed us to have a typical Spring. But we seized the opportunity to spend the day in what little sun (and lots of wind) that was available.

H&M currently had $4.3 BILLION dollars worth of unsold inventory (and growing). Online merchandising has changed everything. Don’t have to speak twice about the looking “Amazon Takeover”, but H&M is at a larger standstill than just wanting to grow their online sales by 25%. Even if they were to magically do this, it would barely punch a dent in their assortment. (Keep in mind that more merchandise is constantly flowing in).

Regardless of their financial issues, the marked down prices are amazing in every consumer’s lives. We actually didn’t even mean to coordinate the red in all of our outfits, but it worked out perfectly as a contrast against the black and white. Although it looks like snow, this is just paint on the exterior of this rooftop. The wind was not cooperating, but we made it work!


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