St. Patty’s Day: Fashion in Green

My closet is not all black, grey, and white as most women’s seem to be. But, it does lack the color green. St. Patrick’s day is a day where my wardrobe always comes into question. The past few years I have worn a green minion shirt, I clover NY shirt, and I honestly have no idea what I wore prior. But each year I find myself wanting to wear something new.

I searched everywhere in Herald Square for something green, and was not having much luck. Many of the green pieces were sold out, and or only had size large left. Even a green shoe that I fell in love with just happened to only have one size 8 on the floor with the other shoe nowhere in site. But I stumbled upon these green pants and fell in love! The high waisted element and the tie detailing on the sides drew me in. I finished the look with a black bandeau and a lime-yellow leather jacket from Zara. For the pot of gold I added chose gold boots. The wind was not cooperating easily with us this day, but we managed to make it work.

St. Patty’s accessories: I loved the “Beer Money” little pouch, giant blow up hat, shamrock socks, feather boa, and I even added some food coloring to my drink. (It did not taste great with the food coloring but made for a fitting photo).


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