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Nov 2023
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Proactive: The Ups & Downs

Flashbacks to the prime acne stages of life I can vividly remember seeing Proactive on commercials, in magazines, and at mall kiosks. Back then I was on a monthly renewal program, but the product just seemed to build up because I did not believe that it was working so I stopped using it. This was due to increased irritation, and it almost felt like my acne was increasing. Although the warning labels did inform me that it may have to “make your skin worse to get better”, I did not want to continue.

Influenster brought forth the opportunity to try out the product again. The city is a dirty place, and it always feels good to wash my face before the gym. In this package There is a 3 step process which includes: a face scrub, oil control lotion, and a spot treatment cream. Interestingly I was seeing the same results where the facial scrub was creating more acne (due to the fact that it was bringing more bacteria to the surface). I did enjoy the results of the oil control lotion, but as for the spot treatment I saw faster results with Differin.

Although this may not be the perfect product for me, it does not mean it will not work for you! (I personally have very oily skin). Proactive has helped millions!

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  1. Charnel Avatar

    Thanks for your honest review . I’ve aleays wanted to try proactive but have always been hesitant

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