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Nov 2023
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Instagram Giveaway: Sephora

They are real people!

I used to always think that Instagram giveaways were scams, just used as a platform for bloggers to get more likes. But I was wrong! I would tag myself and friends in so many posts, and then finally one day a friend that I had tagged won.

Later on a group of girls and I decided to make one on our own. In honor of Valentines Day, we decided to do beauty products that were pink and red. This was really great to be apart of as it is just another simple way to reach out and meet other people in your city.



In order of left to Right:

@lexandra_lakhman, @thatmodernbrunette, @morganlundd, @meganquist, @thefrillish

Link to our Post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfEvyWsAbve/?taken-by=meganquist 

How do Instagram giveaways work?

We do check if you have liked, commented, and followed all of the people in order to choose you as a winner. So basically just follow all of the instructions noted in the description of the post, and you will have a fair chance. I will admit that some do get too long! If the contest entails following more than 10 people than I am out! I also do not believe in the contests where they say that they are giving out a free MacBook Air.

How do we check between multiple accounts?

There are apps and websites that can help cross reference the five-way match, or however many people you have. A simpler way is to just copy and paste the comments onto an excel document, and then choose one randomly. From there just ask all the people in your group to cross reference if the chosen candidate has commented, liked, and followed for everyone.



Thefrillish just launched a blog! http://thefrillish.com/

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