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Gagosian Gallery: Tom Wesselmann

Gagosian Gallery: Tom Wesselmann

Chelsea is full of beautiful brownstone apartments, shops, and galleries. A recent gallery feature that took Instagram by storm was one by Tom Wesselmann. This exhibit was held in the Gagosian Gallery and was titled “Standing Still Lifes”. This exhibit is made up of large cutouts of objects, people, and food. Tom is known for his involvement in the Pop Art Movement.

This is 100% free to come and check out. Do not worry, everyone seemed to mutually move out of the way of others in order for everyone to get their classic Instagram shot. (It seems that the giant jewels and lipstick were the fan favorite.

The Exhibits are based off of Tom’s Muse: Claire Selley

“In his graphic compositions, Wesselmann achieved the precise formal and chromatic arrangement by shifting panels until the composition “locked into place.” In the mode of New York Pop art, which Wesselmann played an integral role in shaping, some of these motifs are specific to their moment, such as the framed portrait of the actress Mary Tyler Moore, while others recur throughout Wesselmann’s oeuvre, from the round orange to the vase of flowers and the radio.”

If you are into art, this entire street is meant for you!

The Look:

We both added a pop of color in combination with a western style belt. I am now realizing in the photos that when I do not have the coat on I look a bit like Kim Possible.






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