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Death Before Decaf



Death Before Decaf

Let’s get real: Coffee is essentially water in NYC.

Coffee is more than just a great aroma. It is the only thing that can get some people out of bed. Living in a major city, we take coffee very seriously. Other than a social aspect (and social media), coffee shops are constantly bringing people in and out of the doors.

What I want: To find a coffee shop where I can be a regular. Starbucks is no longer the big guy on the street. In New York there are hundreds of local, independent, and “trendy” coffee shops everywhere you go.

Sugar free coffee: After this post I went on Whole 30, and this means sugar free, dairy free coffee. I am a diehard latte, Frappuccino, the more sugar the better, coffee person. So cutting myself off cold turkey and only going with almond milk to add the slightest hint of “flavor” was not easy. It still is not easy. But death before decaf is a real thing! Although the coffee is bitter and not as enjoyable, I was not going to give it up just because it was not as sweet. life goes on, and coffee keeps the wheels turning! (It also feels so much better at the end of the day knowing you are not consuming that many grams of sugar).

This coffee shop in particular is not your typical coffee shop name: Sweatshop

Location: Williamsburg


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