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Art of the Elite

Art of the Elite

A handful of people in Manhattan own artwork that is valued higher than my apartment building. Just think about that.

Watching every episode of Gossip Girl paves the way for one to become a connoisseur of many things. The artwork on the show is nothing short of exquisite…ever. From the large Prada and rainbow woman in the main living room of the Van Der Woodsen-Bass-Humphrey, to bidding wars for millions of dollars for one painting, hiding secret documents behind paintings, and trying to get art to get ahead in the business and social worlds, there are a lot of timeless pieces in every episode.

Richard Baker is the Executive Chairman of Hudson Bay Company. Hudson Bay Company consists of Saks Fifth Avenue, Gilt, Lord & Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th. He helped decide what artwork would go in the Vesey Street offices. A few of the photos and paintings had scribbled for signatures, but I was not able to make out the name of the artists.


Patrick McMullen was featured in Gossip Girl, and one of the photos in the office reminded me of his work as an event and socialite photographer.

My look:


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