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Nov 2023
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Crispin Cider: Rosé All Year

Crispin Rosé Event: At 230 5th: Low sugar Rosé, sign me up!

I personally am not a true beer lover (to be honest you will very rarely catch me with a beer even if it is the cheapest thing on the menu or the only thing to drink). I also HATE the feeling of enjoying the taste of a fruity beer, but then immediately feeling gross and bloated from the amount of sugar in it.

The Culprit: Angry Orchard. Loveeee it but always turn away from reading the nutrition facts with 21 grams of sugar, and just the memories of feeling uncomfortable after 2 bottles.

The Solution: Crispin Rosé Crispin Rosé. It only has 10 grams of sugar, light taste, and cute pink color.

Crispin Rosé Launch Event: 230 5th

When I came across this event on Eventbrite I couldn’t believe that all of the Rosé and brunch were free! I had been to 230 5th once before this summer for a happy hour. Although the igloos were not up, it was a beautiful atmosphere.

Walking up out of the elevator, immediately my eyes were gazing upon the pink and gold wonderland in front of me. Between the fresh pink roses, white fluffy chairs with gold accents, pink and sequin fluffy pillows, and matching table sets, I wanted to immediately re-decorate my apartment with all of it. The decor was not only Instagrammable, but also an adorable and classy way to accent the Crispin Hard Cider Rosé. A+ to the decor team.

Up on the roof there were 230 5th’s famous igloos. Inside there was an adorable brunch table set up with more pink and gold dishes, even a portable heater, cute Crispin Cider keychains, a board to create your own messages, and even some tic-tac-toe. Of course the igloo is also a photobomb center.

Crispin Cider Rosé: Crispin has been around for years, but the Rosé is new as of 2018!

My Look:

Although the weather was a little gloomy, I paired some tan shorts with knee-high heeled boots, a sheer lace t-shirt bodysuit, with a black bralette under. I also added in a gold-toned metal gloss by Kylie Cosmetics to compliment the Rosé: in shade Hier.



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