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Nov 2023
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There’s always been a time where we think to ourselves that we want to chop serious inches off of our hair, and then we later regret it. Been there, done that. Especially when your hair goes through that “awkward length” stage when it grows back out, you really start to question why you ever cut it in the first place.

I have gone from extensions where I would curl my hair everyday, to bleaching my hair, to getting it done professionally, and then also bleaching it at home. AKA my hair is fried. I have naturally thin hair, and after bleaching it although it was growing out I noticed it just was not as full as I wanted it to be.


I had seen a handful of shorter more choppy haircuts on instagram, and they were starting to grow on me. From cute middle part, side part, top-knot buns, subtle waves, and sleek straightened hair I was sold on the look. For the past 4 years whenever I would get a haircut it would consist of one to maybe two inches at the most. Cutting off 7 inches was an amazing feeling because my hair felt thick for the first time in my life!

[The Look] I paired:

J Crew poncho [Madewell/ J Crew Sample Sale] with Leggings [Lululemon] & knee-high Suede boots [Steve Madden]


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