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Microblading: Everything you need to Know

I really regret not listening to my Mom in 7th grade when she told me not to pluck my own eyebrows. Almost nine years later, the hair still has not grown back nearly as full. One of my eyebrows never matches the other no matter how many times I️ try. #Ugh

Even with using brow stencils, top of the line brow products, growth serums, castor oil, I came to the conclusion that the brow hair was not coming back. So, I decided to look into microblading.

What is microblading? (If you are not good with needles this isn’t the treatment for you). It is the art of using a blade to cut slits into your face and fill them with pigment. These incisions mimic hair. Does it hurt? Yes, of course! But do not worry, they fully cover any area that will be part of the procedure in numbing cream. I could still feel some of the areas more than others even with the numbing cream. You simply just show a photo of what you want your brows to look like, and then the professional will first stencil them on. This gives you a chance to really evaluate if you can pull of the look you want. I would suggest bringing any brow makeup that you would previously use as a watch to color match the hair if it is different from your natural color.

Microblading typically is not the cheapest procedure out there. Minimum price point is over $130.00. On the nicer end salons or brow studios can charge $500.00 minimum. The solution? Groupon! I found My Sweet Darling Spa for $150.00 (they also charge a $40.00 fee). You can also look into packages with touch-ups as well. A touch-up is recommended every 6 weeks.

Brow Before:

Brow After:

Do not do this procedure the night of going out, or the week before a big event. As your body reacts to the new pigment there may be redness, and you cannot put makeup on the area for 2 weeks. Another side effect is eventually the entire area will start to peel. To be honest this does not look the cutest, but you need to wait for it to peel naturally so the color does not go away.

Daily Routine Changes:
Each night it is recommended to put natural coconut oil on the brows. This should also be done before a workout, shower, or any sort of water prone situation. (You shouldn’t plan on swimming these two healing weeks either). You also have to put on this “shield” over your eyebrows when showering as shown below. This was probably the hardest part trying to wash my face.

Overall it’s well worth it! This is the secret behind amazing Instagram brows, and many chemotherapy patients swear by the procedure.

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