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Unicorn Halloween | How to be a Unicorn for Halloween with Amaeture Make-Up Skills

There are countless videos on YouTube and Instagram of really intricate Halloween make up ideas. My inspiration for the Unicorn look sprung from this. I already had an assortment of fun colored eyeshadows and eye glitter from the Ipsy Beauty Generation event. I knew that I wasn’t going to go all out when I️t came to copying the tutorial. I Googled “Unicorn Makeup” and countless images of pink, purple, and blue hues appeared.

I decided to put glitter in the hands of Ricky’s Beauty Supply. I was worried that a random drug store would not have the right color glitter that I wanted, and Ricky’s is known for having it all. From Halloween to any occasion they have all things beauty. I ended up finding what I needed in the NYX aisle. There were countless mini jars of really sparkly glitter in their “Glitter Brilliance” collection. I chose the holographic silver and pink, as well as a purple eyeshadow stick. Originally I was thinking of making my own unicorn horn, but decided to just purchase one. Ricky’s had a cute array of silver horns with flowers attached.

Time to Turn Into a Unicorn:

I started by adding the purple eyeshadow stick as contour. Sadly, the purple was so deep that it honestly looked kind of brown and just gross. So I decided to just start piling on bright blue and pink eyeshadows around it, and smudging it to blend. Honestly after this, I just put on an extra layer of foundation on my face so that the glitter would stick, and started to randomly throw things on. There was no sense of a “plan” when completing my look, I just knew that I wanted to be as sparkly as possible. A great touch was using liquid gold glitter eyeliner. I added the gold as wings to the corner of my eyes, and made swirls with it around my forehead. Finally, I added some glitter along my chest and collarbone to have a final array of sparkle. As for the lips I used this obnoxious bubble gum pink gloss.

Unicorn Clothing:

A unicorn has an array of colors, so I went with pink.  I had this pink tulle skirt from when Nasty Gal went through their liquidation sale. I also found in my closet this pink sequined bralette. To finish off the look I added some silver booties that I found on Amazon. Just like that, the unicorn creation was complete! (It did take  two showers to get all of the glitter off). Next time you want to be something for Halloween, don’t go out and get a pre-made costume for $50.00-$100.00, get creative!

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