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NYC TAO Downtown | Does it Live up to the Hype?

The nightlife scene in any major city is known to hold up to high expectations. A large handful of clubs and bars in New York City take pride in the moments where celebrities have ever visited. A great example is the restaurant Sugar Factory, essentially holding on to 10 year old photos of when the Kardashians visited. TAO Downtown serves as both a restaurant, and a club. This Asian inspired venue has beautiful decor, and an intimate setting once you walk downstairs. A geisha is painted on the wall, and depending on the night, girls may even be dressed up as Geishas. Connected to the stairs, there is a ledge that you can sit on if you do not have a table. It is usually very packed, and even when you have your own table, people do not want you to invade their space. I guess this is reasonable considering it can be anywhere from $500.00 to over a grand to get your own table and bottle service. The table next to us was this group of really large and muscular men who shoved us aside when we tried to move their way to take a picture at our table. A waitress came up to their table with a little flashlight and started to count so many hundreds and twenties that we lost track…. bring some girls fellas so that the upcharge is not so high.

A friend was visiting from Minneapolis, and I wanted to show her what New York was like on the weekends. I had gotten some Instagram messages about coming here, and decided to say yes to this venue. If you ever need a promoter: message @Rubieltaborda. His main job is modeling, and is from Europe. He brought along other girls from the Netherlands to join us this night. Overall it was an amazing venue and stress free when all of the alcohol is free.


Dress: H&M Gold Label

Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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