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Socks & Heels | The Most Underrated Combo | Fidi NYC

Initially I will admit that I cringed at the thought of wearing socks and heels. But, I had a pair of heels that started to cut the back of my ankles, and was getting fed up with band-aids. I opened my drawer, and found some grey sparkly socks to contrast against my dark outfit. By the end of the day I was thinking that I loved this look, and wish I would have tried it sooner. If your outfit needs a little pozas, or you are just actually sick of your toes being cold, add some socks to the look! This fashion statement has been fluctuating throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s, and it just does not want to go away. From high end fashion of Gucci and Valentino, to Target Ads, find your own sector of socks, and get styling.

I did a winged eyeliner with some gold eyeshadow to even out the dark tones in my look, and a magenta lip as the pop of color.

Some of my favorite socks:

Fish Net: 

Sheer and Sparkle: 

Sequins for the Holidays: 

Ruffle Socks: 

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