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Long Distance Relationship & A Cute Photoshoot  


You know when you see an Instagram and love it so much that you bookmark I️t? Unsure if you too will ever post something similar, but it instills some inspiration for your own page. That is what happened to me when choosing where to do this photoshoot. I came across an international blogger in the discovery page who had visited New York months and months ago. She had a super adorable photo with her boyfriend that showed a skyline and water in the background. (Tbh I save so many photos that I cannot even find who the Instagram photo was from originally). Granted a handful of places in New York could look just like this one, I tried messaging her to ask where it was. A few weeks later there was no response, but I reached out to a photographer that I had met through social media. Lucy Helena also known as Lucy Van Ellis, was very involved with College Fashionista, and part of their team for sometime. This is how I got familiar with her work, as she has a BFA in Photography. After showing her the screenshots of this blogger, she luckily knew the exact spot of where this was!

Dumbo, Brooklyn is considered a pretty “trendy” area with its cobblestone streets, waterfront views, and high-end boutiques and restaurants. We had a perfect sunny day to shoot, and I was very excited. Across from the main cobblestone walkway, there is a path down closer to the water where we took the skyline photos. Although there was off and on wind, and constantly starting and stopping shots due to people walking in the way it was a super fun day.

Long Distance: Never sounds easy, but if you are with the right person time flies by between each visit. Taking time to Facetime each day, even if it is only for fifteen minutes, makes a difference. Now every moment together is precious, and that much more enjoyable.  These pictures were perfect,

Get the look: (We popped into the Times Square Forever 21 the morning of the shoot to decide what to wear)

Rose & Black Bralette: Forever 21 <<<<<<<<<<<<< ort: Forever 21 <<<<<<< a href=””>Express <<<<<<<&lt; a href=””>Lucy Van Ellis <<<<<<<<<<<<< am: Here < img src=”; height=”1280″ class=”wp-image-1776″ width=”1920″>

< img src=”; height=”1920″ class=”wp-image-1780″ width=”1280″>

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