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Nov 2023
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DIY Puff Ball Earrings

I see countless pairs of tassel earrings ranging from $15.00-$35.00. In reality at cost they are most likely closer to $2.00. I refuse to pay that much for earrings that will fall apart easily! When picking up a pair of earrings, kind of move them around and see if they do start to fall apart. I’ve seen so many dismantled in the store, and would hate to wear them once and have no other use out of them. A great place to look for some for about half the cost is Amazon! They even have quite a few available on Prime as well. Depending on how long you can wait, some are even as low as $2.00.

What is even better than $2.00 earrings? FREE ones! At the Brit + Co Popup, there was a station to make your own puff ball earrings out of various colors of yarn. They were easily made with three steps. There was this plastic tool where you would wrap the yarn around until every inch was covered in yarn. Then you would cut around the edges —this would create the fuzzy edge look. Final steps were to take the yarn puff out of this tool, and finish the earring by tying a knot so that the yarn stayed secure. Now it was time to decide the length of the earring you wanted. There was a wire pliers and a roll of chains. To complete the earrings all that was left was to secure that on the puff ball, and walla! Complete in no time.

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    Incredible! Thanks for sharing

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