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Nov 2023
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Platinum Blonde Hair: Do it Yourself 

A single process color is never cheap in New York. Therefore, a triple process color –which is what I needed to go platinum blonde was an insane price. On Instagram I noticed that quite a few bloggers never had their roots showing so I decided to message them to find out if they were going to salons every month. @Wildadvantage told me that she had a few negative experiences with salons and always does her hair herself now. Her secret? Sally’s Beauty Supply Store.

The L’Oréal quick blue packets are the key to success. Just be very careful that this is not left in too long or your hair will be become over bleached and could even start to show blue, purple, or grey tones. If you do not leave it in long enough, your hair will be left a more yellow tone. *this is different for everyone! A girl I was talking to mentioned that Asian hair has a red undertone, therefore bleaching is going to be a longer proceed because it will take at least two treatments before the correct color appears.

I started with my roots first because they were the darkest, and worked my way around the under layers of my hair where my roots could be seen if my hair was up. It was really hard to do the back of my head by myself so I highly recommend having someone else for this part. The allotted time for bleaching is around 10 minutes, but just pay attention to how your hair is taking to the bleach. The worst part about this for me was how ITCHY you get!

Final step: Toner. Mixing the products in the photo below will create a purple concoction. Do not worry this will not immediately turn your hair purple. Toning is the key to success for getting that platinum color. I left it in for about 10 minutes and saw no trace of purples or blues left behind afterwards. It is recommended to tone your hair at least twice a month because using purple shampoo is not enough to keep the color vibrant.

Overall the experience of doing my hair on my own was a little frightening as each moment ticked by (mainly because I did not know if my hair was going to turn purple). But it was only THIRTY dollars compared to $200+, I highly recommend giving this a try. Do not use box dyes! I have only heard of negative experiences from box dyes and trying to go platinum.

Before and after below: 

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