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Iris Apfel is 96 years old (mainly known to the public because of her large rounded black glasses) — she is someone who has seen it all. Through the various political and technological changes, she has seen an amazing realm of changes in her lifetime. As a New York Native, she knew the right connections to start her business and have it grow to become something that will never be forgotten. I was able to meet her at STORY! This is something that I have always wanted to do.

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STORY is a flex format store that changes the theme every three to six weeks. This month’s theme was Beauty. They brought it various vendors of beauty products, cute accessories, stationary, health supplements, and more. My favorite attribute about STORY is that they always manage to educate me on brands and products that I have never heard before. This is honestly breathtaking. With all of the social media out there I find myself hit with thousands of brands and products daily, especially living in New York City.

One week in particular stood out to me when looking at their event list. A NYFW makeup artist was there to do makeovers. Although I was too late to put my name on the reservation list, I still went to check out the assortment. My favorite part was the collage of beauty products from — glued as circular mural on the wall. There was a selfie station right in front of this with a light and everything.


This week also had Iris on the agenda. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to see her because the event started while I was at work, and it was on a Friday. *The catch* you had to purchase one of her jewelry pieces in order to have a moment with her and take a photo with her. Her pieces range from $30.00-$3,000.00. All of the people who were lined up outside before the event started probably snatched all of the lower priced jewelry. The jewelry itself all has a unique aesthetic. I ended up choosing a black jewel studded bangle for a little under $200.00 because Iris is mainly known for her various assortment of bracelets consuming her arms.  All of the jewelry that she sells and wears is hand picked. I love how I Iris does not conform with fast fashion and what everyone else is doing. She has been her own person for 96 years and counting.

If you don’t already I would follow her on Instagram. Is it crazy that I am envious of a 96 year old’s life? She has a Netflix documentary as well!

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