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GENERATION BEAUTY: IPSY Javits Center NYC | Working the Green Room with Nikki Tutorials, Nikita Dragun, Christen Dominique, etc.

Generation Beauty is hosted in a different location every year. This is an event put on by Ipsy. Beauty lovers from near and far gather for two days to immerse themselves in products, tutorials, and the best of all, influencers.

As a volunteer I arrived bright and early to Javits Center. I did not know anyone else volunteering, but easily started to make conversation with the girls around me. We ended up just talking during the whole volunteer selection process, and were kid you not the last to be assigned a task. I was worried we were just going to be sitting in the back room the whole eight hours. ( I was not leaving early as the whole point of this was to get the giant free bag of beauty goodies at the end of the day).

WE LUCKED OUT! One of the managers of the event led us to “The Green Room.” Walking in right away your eyes are drawn to the Ipsy floral mural on the wall, the selfie lighting, couches, catered food, and all of the influencers and creatives. Our task for the day was to become personal assistants for the creatives and influencers. They made it very clear that if you were to ask for a photo, phone number, or even started a conversation with anyone that you would be asked to leave. I had no problem keeping it together as I am not a Beauty Youtube Guru by any means.

I was able to meet and escort around:

@clawdeena9official @mannymua733 @nikkietutorials @nikita_dragun@joanntessa @morphinelovemua

The best part? At the end of the day they all went out together as a group to walk the show floor. The volunteers in my room all linked arms together to be body guards for them essentially. Girls were fan girling like CRAZY. The amount of shoving, throwing phones in our faces, and screaming was entertaining to say the least. The hardest part was getting them outside to their uber. Nikkie is crazy tall, so she even had to crouch down.

Overall it was amazing to see the power of social media, a love for beauty, and how big a fan base can truly become.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend or volunteer I 100% recommend doing it!

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