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Why the Copper Clothing Rack is worth the $200 over a Cheap $29.99 Version 


A girls closet is never large enough, (well at least in my mind). Rolling racks are not just for photo shoots or clothing stores. These can add to the aesthetic of your space, help out your closet, and showcase some of your favorite pieces. In the past I have purchased two $29.99 clothing racks from Target. DO NOT buy this unless your rack is only going to hold about five pieces.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.44.59 PM

I have had two of these in the past. They eventually end in having the metal warp to one side, and then fall over and break.

Pros and Cons of the Double Rod: You can add double the clothing, but the odds that the clothing is the right length to not cover up the clothing on the bottom rack is slim. This too adds on more weight than the rack can handle.

The Copper Clothing Rack: Copper in general has been a very trendy material lately. From copper accents with marble, to copper bedroom and bathroom accessories, the material is all over the internet and Instagram. I’ve always been more of a gold girl than silver so it was fitting.
Where to purchase this? Etsy! Etsy has a great variety of products with various sizes and attributes. I ended up choosing a vendor from Finland. The shipping window was not terrible either as it came in about a week from FinnicaDesign.

Although you could save some money and go to a hardware store and buy the copper piping yourself, I was worried that if I did this I might not get all of the measurements correct. Also dragging home 30+ pounds of copper on the subway did not seem appealing.

Shown below is the final product. The instructions were very simple, and you just connect the pieces with super glue. Scroll all the way down to see the start of the construction process with 14 pieces.

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