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Featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine!

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This city is filled with strange people, and people just trying to get money out of you. If anyone compliments you on your hair and asks you to follow them, it most likely is to lure you into a store and try a sample. Hey sometimes it might actually be an actual compliment! But beware.

Then there are people who are just outgoing, or just doing their job. After work I was taking a different route than usual walking to the train to go to an event. I feel as if this was fate, because a woman with a camera approached me. The key indicator that she was not some random person was that she immediately had me fill out a consent form for Cosmo. I posed for her, and then told her about my daily beauty routine, job, and social media handles. She told me to keep an eye out to see if I was an article that would be going forward on the website, and I was!

A few weeks I saw her post a link on Instagram, and there I was! Check out the article HERE. I am photo 13 and 14.

Although it is also in Japanese, it can be translated to English. Article by: Hiromi Yamada

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