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Dō Cookie Dough Confections

New York is home to various sweet treats. Some people flock over for the aesthetic of the cone, the colors, or the concept. But for Cookie Dō NYC people genuinely come for the taste of the cookie dough. It is “Dōliscious.”

I have a friend @KatyHuff who is not only a sugar fanatic, but she is also a die hard ice cream fan. So for her to rave about cookie dough, you know it must be good. She also is gluten free, so sacrificing some pain for the cookie dough is major!

ATTENTION: The line typically is all the way across the street! The doorman is not kidding when he says you are not allowed to just go in without the Dõ token. When you are in line they will hand you a little colorful circle which is essentially your golden ticket inside.

Sample whatever you would like! And one scoop is more than enough due to the richness of the dough. I would recommend getting it in a bowl so that you can easily save it for later. I adventurously got a cone and ended up carrying it all the way home on the train (which I do not recommend).

Here is the flavor list: If you are indecisive I would say go with the classic chocolate chip.


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