Getting Creative with Furniture

09/06/2017 0 Comments



I purchased a TV stand for the living room, but it ended up not fitting in a practical way. Go figure with #SmallApartmentProbz. Post putting the whole thing together, I needed a new home for this decently large piece of furniture. There was no way I would be able to return it and or fit it out of our door and down the stairs without damaging it.

Almost all of the walls in my room had something touching them. But with some innovative thinking, I decided to turn the TV stand into a low standing vanity. Being able to play with the shelves I turned one side into a display for books and perfumes, and another for my second make up holster. Although I can never sit down while getting ready, it helped everything from looking displaced.

Quick Tip
: Purchase a marble slab for hair curlers and straighteners vs. burning your furniture.


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