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Nov 2023
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NYC Pride Week | Pride Running Through the Streets of Manhattan | Cocktails & Brunch at The Quarter

Pride week in NYC is huge! Walking along 14th and 5th just a few blocks from Union Square, anyone was able to see the common theme — rainbow. Various retail stores incorporated rainbow themed merchandise and or signage into their window displays to show their involvement in rising equality. The parade route was huge, Google Maps even made their lines Rainbow when looking up places to go in the area.

A friend of mine is a Macy’s intern, and they were able to be on a float in the parade! My roommate and I wanted to see the parade, and scouted out the middle of the parade. It was great to see all different types of people he able to express themselves. Some people danced the entire group alone, while others had choreographed moves, or simply just marched holding a banner with a deep message. I was most impressed with this one woman who had a gigantic wig that went all the way to the ground… it was over 80 degrees out and I was sweating in a mere swimsuit and jean shorts.

What better to celebrate a parade and a social movement than with friends and food! We went to The Quarter, and got some drinks and brunch. Lol my roommate ended up finding our waiter very attractive and wrote her number on the receipt. This did end up resulting in a little spark later on.

Lesson Learned this day: We later went to another restaurant where I ordered an empanada. Little did I know, this $8.00 item was actually the smallest hot pocket looking dish. Never Again. (Featured in the basket photo)

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