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Milk & Cream Bar 

New York is notorious for spendy treats. How do they all stay in business? People do it for the Instagram! Ice cream is ice cream whether it is rainbow, in a fish ice cream cone, or sparkly. Most of the time I won’t even think twice because everything has so many happy captions regarding these sweet treats. But, yet again some are false advertising for the Instagram likes because the fancy ice cream didn’t taste any different from a quart at the local grocery store.

BUT THIS PLACE WAS DIFFERENT. Milk & Cream Bar was not only worth the wait, but worth the $7.25.

Why is such a simple concept of cereal blended in with ice cream so amazing? I couldn’t tell ya. Sometimes when I look at these places I think “why didn’t I think of this?” Especially when I reflect back on taking an entrepreneurship course this spring, nothing like this ever came across my mind.

One of my friends is an ice cream obsessed human. If there’s a new or old dessert place in New York, you can bet that she has been there before. She will let you know if a place is worth a second trip or not, and gave this place the full five stars. I highly recommend the cute teddy Grahams. She is banana obsessed and got the banana one which actually looked so aesthetically pleasing in the bowl.

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