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College Fashionista Clubhouse in NYC | Meeting the Founders

I joined the College Fashionista team three years ago. Back then it was still fairly new to college campuses, but I was ecstatic to have something more to add to my resume.

Fast forward to today, College Fashionista is part of Clique Media Group (who also owns and manages Who What Wear, Birydie, My Domaine, Obsesse, and The/Thirty….AMAZING. Girls and any boys that want to join can be apart of the #gurugang with College Fashionista.

What does it entail? There is a guidebook regarding post etiquette for your monthly blog post. Aside from blogging looks, social media has really pushed thins along as gurus are free to share more lifestyle items, favorite products, and what they like to do with their friends.

The CF Clubhouse: Is located on Bowery, and is an exclusive hangout spot specifically for this summer. It is in-between some really great brunch spots and China Town. Sephora was a major sponsor and helped the place come to life the first event night! The whole aesthetic of the clubhouse is very open, clean lines, stickers, candy, with a great fuzzy couch, a back corner with samples from Sephora— complete with a whole illuminated glam mirror set. This spot is great because it has a variety of fun colored lip colors that are trending to try out. One of my favorites was the bright purple, it did not look the best on myself but on darker skin tones it was amazing.

The college wall has photos from the CF Instagram printed out on it, with various flags representing the colleges of the fashionistas on the team! Polaroid cameras are included in the clubhouse for everyone to leave their own mark and put up a picture. Most people would include their Instagram handle on the polaroids. This is a great way to show off your own personal aesthetic and styling, as well as help everyone stay in touch. Each week is packed full with guest speakers. From career advice with professionals speaking on a panel , to beauty tutorials, yoga, and just simply hanging out, I am ecstatic to rush over after work!


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