Even Your Food Can Look Beautifuly Organized Too 

08/06/2017 0 Comments

When the cupboard space is tight for three people and there is no pantry, you have to improvise. We added multiple shelving units in order to have everything fit. I wanted this to look aesthetically pleasing because it is something that everyone can see out in the open.

Instead of  setting out all of my food in their original containers, I transported them to these glass jars. I love the fact that they are descending in size. The best part? They have a rubber seal that guarantees freshness. Even more freshness than scrunching down your cereal bag. I purchased these on Amazon, but they can be found just about anywhere. 

Alternatives: A cheaper option would be to use old mason jars. You could also add some chalkboard paint to these and then label what is in them for a personalized touch.

Sweets on Display: I also purchased a glass cloche to showcase fresh items I have. From bagels to cookies, this also adds a personalized touch for the display.


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