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Rapunzel got a Giant Chop: The Pros & Cons of Extensions 

The platinum blonde and silver hair trend has been popping up all over Instagram. I had been tempted to try it before, but did not know if I wanted to abandon my extensions just yet. I had seen a lot of cuter shorter styles with the platinum blonde look, such as the instagrams featured below:



I also was hesitant to try this because it is straight bleach! My hair isn’t terribly damaged or dry, but I do curl or straighten it almost everyday. Would bleaching it cause half my hair to fall out?

Bellami Hair is where I got my current extensions. My first pair were from Hair Pop, and were about 6 inches shorter. RIP Hair Pop– they went out of business. I was honestly so sad when their site was no longer up because their 50% off promotions were amazing. It was too good to be true that they could stay so cheap for so long. My first order it was hard to tell from the online images which color to get. The set I bought ended up being significantly lighter than my actual hair. I ended up dying them on my own with a box dye. This turned out decent, but I noticed that the hair was a lot more course afterwards. If you are ever unsure about which to get, make sure to get multiple opinions and or see if they have a help chat. Most stores have a policy that once the packaging is open, the hair is not returnable, so you do not want to make an expensive mistake.

For the 24 inch extensions at Bellami it racks up to almost $300.00. For a girl like me with super thin hair, I justified the purchase to have long thick locks.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 7.06.05 AM

How I made my decision: My roots were showing quite prominently, and the Subway stations in New York are deathly hot in the summer. My hair would be perfectly curled walking out the door, but by the time I got to my destination it would be a literal hot mess. HE SWEAT IS REAL IN THE SUBWAY STATIONS. This also was becoming an issue because you cannot just wash extensions everyday. In fact, you are not supposed to even wash your extensions. The protocol is to condition them every 3 weeks. If you wash them too often they can start to loose a lot of hair, and or become very dry.

The Process: It took almost three hours due to the status of being a triple process color. She first had to



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