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From all the Space in the World to a Small New York Apartment: How to Utilize Space in a Fashionable & Smart Way

STEP ONE: Say Goodbye to Half of Your Belongings 

I’m a girl with a lot of belongings. I also hold onto things that I really don’t need to, so this results in an obscene amount of clothing. My senior year we got a “town home” apartment with two floors. This townhome layout allowed everyone to have their own bedroom, large closet, and bathroom. When May rolled around and it came time to start packing up my life for the move to New York, I realized more than half of my belongings were going to have to go. Not only was my apartment full, but my parents home also had a full closet. The task was daunting. I did not know where to start. I grabbed a garbage bag (the super large lawn and leaf bags) and knew I would need to start filling it with items to donate or sell.

Where to consign clothes:

I’ve tried it all from Thred Up, Plato’s Closet, NYX Clothing Exchange, The RealReal, Etc. and guess what? You get maybe $10 for a $150 pair of jeans. Some of these sites you do not even get paid until someone actually buys one of your items. Even worse, some places such as Thred Up, you cannot “cash in” your money until you reach a certain dollar amount of $25.00. This could take years… literally! The other week I just got an email notification that one of my items sold from over a year ago. I actually had no memory of that clothing piece.

STEP TWO: Measure your new Space 

Figure out what will be your priority. If you want a queen vs a twin bed and the space is small, will you vacumm seal extra clothes or cut back?

Myself: Clothes were (and always will be) the priority. I was looking at various clothing racks and wanted something that could go onto the wall to be the most space efficient. Amazon had a lot of options and I went with some white hanging racks. For my long gowns I ended up using a curtain rack. I also got my second clothing rack from target. Just the basic plastic and metal one. DO NOT BUY THIS. The second time around it was not any stronger. It ended up tipping over and causing a huge mess.

Shoes: I did not have room for them, even under my bed is full with winter clothes. IKEA was the lifesaver with this shoe rack.

All of the clothing racks ended up falling off the walls three weeks later 😅 so look for studs before putting up any clothing racks.
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