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18 Hours Later

It feels like it’s 100 degrees out, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and you are in need of something refreshing. So what do you do?

That was myself right after moving in. Post 18 hours in a Penske moving van, the last thing I wanted to then do was start to unload everything out of the van for the next four hours. I made the trek with my roommate from Minnesota to New York. We left Minneapolis, Minnesota around 6:00 pm, and drove all through the night and day. straight to the east coast. We only made stops for necessary bathroom breaks and food. Most stops we made were at truck stops, and there was always an interesting aesthetic of people there. From truckers, to sincere amish boys who would open the door for us, it was an adventure to say the least. I have never taken that across the country road trip with my family or friends before. The longest consecutive set of hours that I have ever been in a car was eight, and that was to Missouri. The one thing I did learn from this, and would never advise to do again, is to leave at a more appropriate time if I ever have to do this again. I had not been sleeping very much prior to the drive with late nights packing and saying goodbye to friends. So pulling an all nighter was a terrible experience. When you get to that level of sleepiness, no amount of coffee, energy drinks, or candy will keep you alert. But all that matters is that we arrived safely, arrived mid day so that we could pick up our keys from our landlord, and find a parking spot.

Although it would take a few more days of organizing and unboxing my roommate and I wanted to get to know what was around us.

The solution?

We had been hearing the classic tune of the ice cream truck excessively, but of course now the truck was nowhere to be found. It was so warm out that we felt like we were going to melt. Although there is the notion that you can wear whatever you want in New York without any judgement, it just did not seem appropriate to walk around in a swimsuit. On our stroll we ended up seeing more coffee shops than ice cream shops. Improvising, I just bought a box of ice cream cones at a convenience store, and the problem was solved.

Outfit: Shorts are from Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th, and my crop top is from Zara.

Accessories: Strappy 1.5 inch heels are Nine West, and my ring is from a local artist shop.

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