Hello hello!

I am originally from Minnetonka, Minnesota (I once looked lost, a guy offered to help me find my train and asked me if Minnesota was all farms…not at all! Search Lake Minnetonka and that will change your mind). It’s funny someone here has even asked me if that is in Europe. Nope… Minnesota is right in the midwest.

I am a recent college graduate of May 2017, and New York was already the destination since my Freshman year of college. I would have LOVED the opportunity to go to college in New York, but budget wise that was never an option.The TV show Gossip Girl honestly strengthened my passion to go to New York. I stayed in MN for the Big Ten school experience at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I moved to New York for work after graduation this May, and have been loving it ever since. But I do miss that “Minnesota nice” from time to time.

My life has been filled with so many M’s:

Remember me with:

  • Megan
  • Minnesota
  • Minnetonka (Home city)
  • Minneapolis (College)
  • Milwaukee (Interned for Kohl’s Corporate)
  • Manhattan
  • *Don’t worry this is not a case of the Kardashian’s where all of my siblings name’s also start with an M. My sisters are Rachel and Faith, no where near my name.

Will M’s continue to follow me the rest of my life? Guess we will see.


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