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Nov 2023
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Long Distance Relationships 

When you are used to seeing your significant other everyday or multiple times a week, a long distance relationship initially sounds unbearable. With the constant seamless communication between either an Iphone or Droid glued to your hands, communication wouldn’t be a problem right? Some couples may agree, some may disagree. Being apart allows both your partner and yourself find a mutual time to talk each day. You really come to appreciate the little time spent “face-to-face” over FaceTime or even using social media such as Snapchat.

I feel as if every relationship should take the test of long distance at one point. My boyfriend Pat and I have been dating for almost 2.5 years now. This past January he moved to Sioux Falls South Dakota for Nursing school, while I was in Minnesota for my last semester of college. His nursing program is accelerated, and the moment he drops below a B- in any class he is kicked out. AKA there is soooo much studying that needs to be done every moment of each day essentially. I myself did not have the “senior slide” class schedule as I was taking 16 credits, and one of the classes that I left for last was 8:00am accounting. Although I also was working, I still had more free time than Pat. So you cannot be waiting on your phone for your significant other, you’ve got to just wait for that set time or it will make the distance seem that much farther.

How did we keep in touch? Facetime whenever we could! We would text throughout the whole day here and there, and keep the Snapchat streak of over 400 going of course. Eventually we got in the habit of Facetiming every night around 11:00pm. It was something to look forward to, and a way to re-cap on our days without getting in the way of either of our academic responsibilities. The best thing? We are both a mixture of the night owl and morning bird, so it wasn’t a burden to Facetime late knowing we would both be up around 5:00am or maybe even earlier. Pat would even pull all nighters, which is something that I could never do! I tried, and failed.

I moved to New York just about a month ago and am now 1,366 miles away from him in New York. It is now an 18 hour distance vs 4 hours, but things have not changed although the distance is longer. I won’t be able to see him on the smaller holidays such as St.Patricks Day or Easter anymore, but that’s what makes everything so much more special until we are together on the same coast.
(One of the qualities of a perfect man is one who always agrees to take photos with you or of you for various blogging purposes)

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