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  • Rolf’s German Christmas Bar NYC | The Most Grandiose Decorations & Drinks

    Don’t know what to do in NYC during the holiday season? Rolf’s is seriously one of the most magical places during the holiday season. The annoyance of a small space is immediately overtaken by the decadence of the decor. Once you have taken in the space it feels like you have been engulfed by an entire Christmas tree. No need for the grandiose size of something similar to the Rockefeller tree, this quaint bar is all you need during the holiday season.

  • Bar Crawl + A Buoyant Boozy Holiday Piñatas | Nipyata Piñatas

    When it comes to the SantaCon bar crawl, or any bar crawl for that matter, a boozy piñata is exactly what you need for a pre-game. When the piñata comes crashing open you are not going to find a wine bag or have a spewing mess of vodka come exploding out. Instead you will find the most perfect assortment of alcohol nips mixed in with candy.

  • How to Sleigh SantaCon | NYC SantaCon 2019

    Yes it is named SantaCon, but you will see a handful of elves, reindeer, even someone dressed as a bag of toys or coal. Even if you just have a holiday sweater or a red skirt, that will do. By all means even wear your pajamas! You will see so many people in onesies. SantaCon welcomes all, well (all with a valid ID of the appropriate drinking age).

  • Twirling through Manhattan in a Noteworthy Red Ballgown | Someshelly Photography

    Twirling through Manhattan in a Noteworthy Red Ballgown | Someshelly Photography

    When you see someone on Instagram taking photos in multiple outfits on their stories, do you ever wonder where they are changing into these looks? Where are they putting all of the their outfit changes, and how are they carrying all of this stuff around? Ever wonder what time of day they are taking these pictures to have no one in the background?
    The realities of changing looks during a shoot is actually a hassled mess. It’s changing in public bathrooms, a pop-up changing tent (what Shelly uses and carries around for us), changing in cars, or even changing in the wide open streets. I’ve done all of these except for change in a car, but a lot of people and influencers have to do this during NYFW.